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BigBang Seo Agency provides customized corporate SEO consultancy services by getting to know its customers closely.

Search Engine Optimization (Seo) can be defined as a set of rules on and off-site that will move your website up to the top of any kind of search types including text and image searches in Google. In Turkey, the highest share of search engine usage belongs to Google with 95%. Therefore the services provided within the scope of SEO consultancy are generally shaped according to Google’s algorithm. By closely following up the new algorithm updates announced by Google, a new road-map is prepared without wasting time for the brands and websites owned by our clients. It is the most important fact about Seo is that there is no single way to do Seo. We apply the proven best practices to create the most successful strategies for you.

Seo consultancy is closely related to software coding, UX/UI design and content creation. Because many factors, from backlink profile to the content quality, directly affect your rankings in SERPs. Therefore, the consultant team must have knowledge about coding, UX / UI design and content creation at the level to meet all Seo-related requirements.

During SEO consultancy, performance monitoring should be done with advanced SEO tools in a regular basis and the all updates announced by Google should be followed closely.

You may also consider hiring SEO experts instead of outsourcing to an agency. However, in this case, you should definitely have a technical, design and content team to support your SEO expert. You should also be sure of the competence of the SEO expert you hired. Considering all of these requirements, getting professional seo consultancy from an expert seo agency is cheaper, faster and more sustainable option.

The expert SEO, UX/UI design, software developmet and content teams of BigBang Seo Agency works meticulously to increase your visibility and rankings in SERPs, transparently analyzes and reports SEO campaigns’ performance. We use the most advanced methods and SEO tools and closely follows all global best practices. BigBang Digital performs seo tasks by considering all legal obligations of your industry.

Bigbang Digital Seo Agency shares monthly detailed performance reports and by doing this allows its clients to compare the promises and real results in the most transparent way. In addition Bigbang Digital SEO Agency does not demand its clients to sign a long-term binding contract. At the end of each month, the service contract can be terminated without penalty in case of any dissatisfaction. This attitude is the most important indicator of our success rate and trust in our expertise.

Waiting for you in order to create new SEO success stories together!

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Bigbang Digital, est. 2016, started to make a name in the digital performance consultancy industry by agreeing with leading brands and initiatives from different business sectors in a short time. Join happy customer portfolio of Bigbang Digital which uses all the benefits of the digital world to facilitate and grow the business of its customers.

Bigbang Digital Agency is full of ideas that will provide a modern touch to your professional appearance with its online services!

What is Our Commitment?

1- We ensure that your site occupies the top positions in both text and image SERPs in a sustainable way.

2- We increase the number of users reach your website and as a result your revenue.

3- By offering better quality content to your website users, we increase their session duration.

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Bigbang Digital Seo Danışmanlığı Görsel

How Do We Succeed?

1- We listen to your brand, operation and demands.

2- We learn about your future plans and where you want to position the online channel according to these plans.

3- We conduct detailed competitor and sector analysis.

4- We generate special SEO strategies for you.

5- We conduct an advanced SEO Audit for your website and determine the points that need to be improved or fixed.

6- We start taking all the necessary actions without losing time with our SEO, software development, UX/UI design and content teams.

7- While keeping track of your performance with advanced SEO tools and reporting transparently we also focus on improving continuously and seizing opportunities.

What Makes Us Different?

As BigBang Digital, we make a difference among other SEO agencies with our performance-oriented and highly competent team. We aim to manage your brand and corporate personality professionally by producing creative projects completely tailored to your needs, while at the same time improving your brand perception in digital world without comprimising legal obligations.

We prioritize the benefits of your corporate and brand personality while performing all these services.

Over time, you will witness that you are moving up in Google SERPs for target keywords searches, and you will believe the power of SEO that is managed by the right hands.

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