Google Ads Agency

You can make a difference and get ahead of your competitors by showing the right ads in Google searches about your brand and services. With our completely performance-oriented working system, our aim is to bring the most successful results at the lowest cost.

Regardless of the type of conversion goal such as lead generation, product sales, brand awareness, or meaningful traffic, BigBang Digital is ready to share its experiences with you!

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What will you gain if you choose us to manage your Google Ads?

We take out all the searches regarding your products and services made by your target audience. Then we start to create traffic from SERP at the most accurate average position with the most affordable price considering return on investment. We ensure that your potential customers find your right content and product connecting the optimal landing page, in this way they do not miss your product or service offer.

Agencies are not trustworthy.

Why should I trust you?

It is possible that the most of the agencies are trying to make money by getting you spend money on ads. We get commissions only if your ads perform above target. We have to drive achieve successful results to make money. Therefore, we embrace commission and performance based offers. We implement the commission system used by the major European agencies to Turkey.

If you want to stand out with our performance-based business model, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Our Commitment?

1- Our goal is not to increase your advertising budget, to ensure that you earn maximum return with the right advertising budget.

2- We raise your AdWords ad quality score up to 8 and above. Thus, we ensure that you are listed at higher positions with lower cost. Is your score already too high? There is always room to improve.

3- We take you one step ahead of your competitors with creative ad texts.

4- We canalize your customers take action with direct sales or form submission in line with your goals.

5- We save your wasted money by avoiding inaccurate targeting.

6- We do not leave ads optimization to Google’s automated rules, we optimize and control every single ad individually.

7- We create the most effective segmentation by considering ads performances based on location, hours of day, device type.

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Bigbang Digital Seo Danışmanlığı Görsel

How Do We Succeed?

1- We make a detailed keyword research.

2- We provide a sectoral perspective with competitor analysis.

3- By improving the correlation between ads and keywords, we strengthen our control by making highly segmentated and highly relevant campaigns.

4- We report periodically and share all performance results transparently.

What Makes Us Different?

1- We have been working with dozens of leading brands from different sectors and countries. We have a strong acquaintance with the dynamics of many sectors.

2- We are in contact with you frequently during the day not only at meetings.

3- We are still a boutique agency and we want to prove ourselves.

4- Experiences of our team from the previous professional life are incredible. When you meet us, you will hear terrific success stories of Turkey’s biggest brands created by our contributions.

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